About Us

 We are a small handcrafted fragrance boutique founded in 2020. We are dedicated to developing quality lifestyle products inspired by travel, life experience, and most importantly YOU! “Mysa” by definition means to engage in a comfortable and pleasurable activity at home. Mysa Fragrance Haus is the celebration of coziness and comfort. Founded by a licensed esthetician, our promise is to always deliver well crafted home, body, and lifestyle products with memorable fragrances for our customers. 

 I started Mysa Fragrance Haus out of pure love for crafting, beauty, and in honor of my favorite of our 5 senses, smell. My best memories are triggered by scent, like the first candle I burned in my first apartment, or the cologne my first kiss was wearing. I wanted to be able to curate those types of memories for others. My goal with this brand is simple. Create a community of beautiful brought together by the power of scent.


With Love,