Vanilla Villain
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Vanilla Villain

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Introducing Vanilla Villain: a sultry blend of floral vanilla infused with a touch of smokiness and nuttiness. It's the enigmatic rebel of any fragrance collection.

Fragrance Profile 

Vanilla Villain 

Top Notes: Orange Flower and Neroli, Bergamont 

Middle Notes: Rose, Pistachio, Freesia, 

Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Whipped Musk, Vanilla 


organic sugarcane alcohol, distilled water, fragrance 

How to Use 

Spritz on pressure points as desired 

pro tip: spritz on the behind your knees and in the crease of your elbows for a lasting lingering fragrance 


  • 1.5oz/44ml
  • hand crafted 
  • for external use only 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This fragrance is seriously intoxicating. It's incredibly sexy because it's got a yummy complexity that sits so lovely on skin. I must confess that I'm not exactly a gourmand girlie so I really LOVE the way the floral and pistachio notes play off the vanilla and make it more interesting than the typical sweet vanilla fragrances I usually pass on. It's got great longevity (I'm writing this while sniffing my arm about 18 hrs after I sprayed) but doesn't really throw loud and stays close to the skin. This is great for those who like to layer or keep it intimate. And I like that it's a vanilla I can wear in the warmer months without smelling like bare cupcake.
I'm hoping one day for a bold, super loud, super villain version of this to really scheme and plot with. Divine.

Sexy on its own and mixed with Anything

This fragrance is so addicting, I'm a man and I think it's unisex but leans some would describe as little feminine. On the opening!
Give it time. Regardless it's sexy and l don't subscribe to gender in fragrance. like to wear it on its own in the morning and then mix it with something a little darker in the evening. Could see this as a signature for anyone who loves vanilla.