10 Tips on How to Make Your Fragrance Last all Day

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Ever get a whiff of someones fragrance in the middle of the day and wonder how they were able to get their perfume to last all day? Nothing is worse than spending a ton of money on your favorite perfume only to not be able to smell it by the time you leave the house. Here are 10 tips to keeping you smelling fabulous all day long!


1. Never rub    

When we use perfume or perfume oils on the pulse points of out wrists, its sometimes habit to marry the fragrance by rubbing both wrists together. What you’re actually doing is warming the fragrance, which can breakdown the chemistry, sometimes even changing the scent. It’s best to let the fragrance dry down to its natural state.

2. Moisturize before you spray your perfume 

 Fragrance lasts longer when it has something to hold on to on the skin. If you’re applying your fragrance straight out the shower it can dissipate before you even start your day. Layering your perfume on top of a scented or unscented moisturizer will help lock in the fragrance making it last all day! 

3. Layering Fragrances  

Layering your fragrances not only makes them last longer, but it also creates a unique fragrance just for you! Layering can achieved with shower gels, body butters, fragrance oils, or two or more perfumes. Pick out some different fragrances with similar notes and combine for your own personal scent!

Pro Tip: If you’re trying to layer an alcohol based perfume, it will adhere better on top of an oil concentrated fragrance. Layering a vanilla based fragrance oil can help it go a long way! Try our Sheer Vanilla Fragrance Oil here! 

 4. Stop storing your fragrances in the bathroom 

Humidity and light can breakdown your fragrance and as a result making it not last as long on the skin. Try storing your perfumes, and fragranced body care in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 

5. Apply in the right places 

If you're spraying your perfumes in the air and walking through the mist not only are you not getting your fragrance full fragrance load but you are waisting product, and who wants to do that? Instead, apply on your pulse points. 

Pro Tip: Applying your fragrance directly behind your ears and behind your knees is a great way to help your fragrance linger. 

6. Don't over do it 

Less is more when it comes to fragrance! Sometimes our senses get used to our daily perfume, so we feel the need to spray loads of fragrance. You're only wasting product and probably reallllly offending anyone else that gets a whiff! 1-2 spritz on each pulse point is all you need! 

7. Learn the different types of fragrances 

There are several different concentrations when it comes to perfumes. An eau de toilette is typically 5-10% concentration, while an eau de perfum is 15-20% concentration. Experiment which fragrance concentration works best for you and your body chemistry. 

8. Layering with the same scent 

Often times perfumes and fragrance products come in sets of soaps, lotions, and perfumes! Be sure to grab the entire set to get the maximum lasting power?

Find our Body Collection here with matching shower gels, body creme, and perfume oils! 


 Mysa Fragrance Haus Body Collection


9. Your fragrance may still be lingering even if you can't smell it 

Have you ever gotten a compliment on your perfume and you totally forgot you even had it on? sometimes our olfactory senses get so used to our daily fragrance you stop smelling it on yourself. 

Pro Tip: Switch up from your daily fragrance to shake it up a little 

10. When it doubt, reapply! 

Seems obvious right? Sometimes a combination of our body chemistry and perfume just don't last all day. And that's okay! keep a trial size bottle of your favorite perfume to reapply throughout the day! 

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